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Inform about our new practice room, to use for workshops and events. Group events we support: Art, bio-cosmetics, DIY products, presentations, personal growth, movie, music, (ecstatic) dance. Everything around raising ecological awareness! Mindfulness meditation and yoga sessions will be held here. It is possible to contact us for a space to host your event >>> use our contact form from a PC or call.

The photo album gives an idea of the practice room. We have 18 yoga mats and 20 meditation cushions available for our participants.



• Natural Clay Garden Building

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November 28th, 10h-16h​

• Yin yoga workshop

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December 5th, 10h-13h​

• MBSR 8-week mindfulness course

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January 19th to March 9th

Lisbon time 16h30-19h

Weekly Yoga classes

Ashtanga yoga

• Yin yoga 



• Silent retreat, Mindfulness

November 18th to 22nd, in Portuguese.



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