Yin Yoga with Myofascial release has its origins in Taoism. It is a contemplative yoga practice, based on acupressure, slower floor postures held for longer periods of time. The practice offers deeper access to areas of the body rich in connective tissues, allowing more flexibility and relaxation. This is an ideal yoga practice to release overall tension and dedicate time to ourselves. A space for healing and transformation, a Qi nourishment for organ health and complement to practice mindfulness meditation.

It is possible to combine Yin yoga with Ashtanga yoga classes. This combination provides a beautiful balance, therefore we recommend both yoga practices. The practice is guided in English and partly Português. For more information, contact Francisca at BudaDharma. Please be aware to reserve a space in advance. It is recommended to have a yoga mat, blanket or big towel, a block and 2 tennisballs.


• Monday 17h30-18h45 Online

• Wednesday 12h-13h Hybrid

Hybrid classes are a combination of Online and in Studio. 


TEACHER: Francisca Schouten phone contact +351960084219


COSTS: Payment per calender month. Valid to use for all classes.

50€ for 2x to 3x per week | 30€ for 1x per week | 1 Class 12€ MB.

NOTES: The practice can be guided in English and partly in Portuguêse.

VENUE: Online, Zoom hosted by BudaDharma. Studio location Littleboomland.

BOOKING: Email geral@budadharma.org or phone message the teacher.

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Private classes can be found in private or small group bookings. When we work on a therapeutic level, we enhance the function of specific organs with their mental and emotional qualities. A chance to relieve the physical or mental blockages we experience in life. Deeper blockages need time to unblock. A private class offers the time for conscious and unconscious resistances to become noticed. Here we hold the space to support a healing process from within. Reserve at least 24hrs in advance to be well prepared.