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Mindfulness, is a way of paying attention to yourself, to others and to your surroundings each moment. It is a state of natural attention – focused, present and aware – which allows to keep insight towards what is happening, even when it's something difficult.

Nowadays, science proved that the mindfulness practice reduces stress, helps to deal with depression and anxiety and raises focus capacity, resilience and emotional intelligence.


Having its roots in buddhist meditation, mindfulness can be learned and praticed by everyone, no matter the cultural or religious context. We adopt a non religious approuch.

our Schedule

Thursday | 19h to 20h30 Lisbon time
A meditation practice, Zoom online

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Going to retreat gives us the possibility to connect with what is essential in our lives, to experience it in a more direct way, free of conditioning and more receptive and aware of ourselves and our relationships. Throughout the retreat, we will have meditation, yoga, moments to share and silence, accompanied by delicious vegetarian meals, reflecting our quest for greater simplicity and openness. Yoga helps to unlock the body, to balance energy and to prepare the mind to go deeper, allowing meditation to highlight the subtler aspects of our experience.

Immerse yourself in a mindfulness and yoga retreat in a beautiful retreat centre, surrounded by nature, 60 minutes from Lisbon, Portugal. With time for meditation, yoga, connecting, walking in nature and rest. We will explore the foundations of mindfulness during the talks and dive deep in meditation and Yin Yoga. For this retreat we have maximum 22 places available. Join us if you can.



João first came across meditation in 2004, at the Portuguese Buddhist Union. It was an unexpected moment that ultimately influenced the course of his life. From that moment, a love affair was born with meditation and the Dharma of the Buddha. His teachings resonated deeply within, taking him to a place that was as surprising as familiar.


Participation in courses, workshops and retreats has become a constant, along with a permanent desire to learn and deepen his path. A new willingness to get involved in life arose, with more openness, compassion, joy and stability. Since 2008, João have been doing several Mindfulness Teacher Trainings, which have brought amazing new possibilities.


He has been training directly with some of the greatest mindfulness specialists in the UK and USA, such as Vidyamala Burch, Ratnaguna, Karunavira, Taravajra, Alison Evans, Steven Hickman, Susan Woods, Patricia Rockman, among others. He found a path, that answers the deepest calls of his being and allows him to meet others with greater availability, integrity and clarity. 

“It is my wish that my courses, workshops and retreats will be useful to those who attend them. May they promote understanding of who we are and our place in the world. May they be for the benefit of all living beings everywhere. I hope our paths cross at some point on this wonderful journey.”

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