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Wednesday | 10h to 11h30

Ashtanga as it is, energizing and dynamic. Based on the Primary series, we practice with traditional foundations in the 8 limbs of Yoga. Strengthens the body and mind. Best to practice with an empty stomach. Tip; bring a small sweat towel.



Francisca Schouten

Whatsapp contact +351960084219

Reserve in studio Ashtanga classes:
Whatsapp +351962236921

Ocean Yoga Studio


There is the possibility of combining Ashtanga Yoga classes with Yin Yoga, offering a recommended balance for body and mind. For more information, please contact the teacher. Classes are guided in English and can be partly Portuguese. 


Private classes can be found in 1 on 1 or small group bookings. Price from 35€ to 65€ per session. Or 130€ for the 4 session series.


"Francisca is an incredibly experienced and wonderful teacher, who truly knows how to support you in your yoga journey – both on and off the mat. She has a very uplifting spirit, her Ashtanga classes are very dynamic yet, she always brings a mindful and meditative approach that helps to foster inner stillness. Her Yin Yoga classes are deeply relaxing and restorative. She reminds us to respect our needs and boundaries, and genuinely cares for each student. I recommend her amazing work and classes, both Ashtanga and Yin Yoga. She understands what yoga is truly about."

Ashtanga yoga testemonials are published here at Budadharma

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