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"Francisca is a Dutch woman living in Portugal. At Boom 2014 she met the love of her life in the breakfast queue. João is a Portuguese man and after a full year of flying off and on they decided to join their hearts forever, living happily ever after together." <3

Now here we are! And the farm we live on, thanks to mãe Marta, allows us to share the fun. There is a practice room for workshops, yoga and mindfulness. We slowly build an offgrid camping and space to grow fruit and vegetables. We follow the guideluines from Permaculture landscape design. It has potential to grow on a vision.


A vision that includes: implementing education for people how to live with wider ecological awareness, with simple solutions based on ethical values. Your stay at our place makes it possible to continue.


We will share photos on our Instagram and Facebook to follow this special journey. Hope to meet you in our field of being! We will do our best to answer your booking questions and we would like to offer you a pleasant stay being our guest.




After joining our hearts, we decided to join our work combining two complementary practices and share them with you. Yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Yoga helps to unblock the body, to purify and balance our energy and it's an incredible way to prepare the mind to go deeper, allowing meditation to enlighten the most subtle aspects of our experience.

Turning off the autopilot and giving us time to be, allow us to experiment life directly through senses, without the rushing noise of daily demands. It's an opening to our experience of being alive here and now. Through movements or quietness we discover our body, this simple "being here" that we have been neglecting over and over again. Until now.

With love, light and metta,

Francisca and João


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