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From home balcony to garden design, this 1 day course is for you!

Welcome to join the permaculture vegetable garden with Silvia Floresta.

In this program, you will learn how to create a sustainable and productive garden using permaculture principles. Permaculture is an integrated approach to designing agricultural systems that work in harmony with nature. You will get to know how to create an ecosystem of plants, animals, fungi, and microorganisms that work together to provide nutritious and healthy food. We will explore soil conservation techniques, rainwater management and ecological sanitation. And we will discuss ecological niches as a means of pest and disease control, enabling you to cultivate vegetables sustainably and ecologically. 


Date: May 1, 2024 (holiday)

Total time: 9.30 am to max 6 pm

Language: Portuguese and English 

Location Google maps: Littleboomland  


Topics Covered:


Mixed beds (plants) with cover (straw)

Planting calendar

Companion plants



Composting techniques

Permaculture design

Lush landscapes

And more:

Family-friendly and welcoming environment.

The training sessions are outdoors and practical.

Meals included (Lunch, snack, tea, coffee, fruit).

Certificate of attendance available on request. 



Silvia Floresta is known in Portugal.
'Permacultora | Agroecologia | Formadora | Activista Ambiental'

If you want to read more:

Find her bio here.


Generosity Economy.


A model that takes into account the needs of every human being involved – the one offering an activity and the one participating – a model that allows the participants to contribute with what they can, according to their financial possibilities at the moment, and using the following tiered costs as a reference:

A. 80€ (+ benefactor)

B. 60€ (- middle rate)

C. 40€ ( supportive rate)

Bundle for both May 1 and May 30, 25% discount.

There are some principles that can help you with your decision: contribute with the amount that leaves your heart smiling. One that ensures the balance between your needs for subsistence and your need to contribute and share. Every moment of our existence is based on the generosity of everything and everyone around us and before us. Any financial difficulty should not represent an obstacle to your participation in our events. In case of a real financial difficulty, please contact us.


Whatsapp or contact

(+351) 960 084 219



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