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Ecological Awareness is defined as 'the scientific study of the relationships that living organisms have with each other and with their natural environment. To cause minimal damage to the global environment.' How can I develop an Ecological awareness?

help TO thrive


Enjoy eating delicious vegetarian or cruelty free food. Learn how to cook healthy by using the internet and books. Let our recipes give you a head start.
Big livestock farming has a vast environmental footprint. It contributes to land and water degradation, biodiversity loss, acid rain, coral reef degeneration and deforestation. Eating a lot of meat causes acne, high colesterol, heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

RECYCLE: Choose to seperate your waist; plactic, paper, glass and if possible compost. We can find enough recycle bins on the streets.

REFUSE: Say no to single use plastic that is being offered in shops and restaurants. It becomes a habit to bring our own shopping bag.
REDUSE: Become aware of energy and consumption, using what we really need and choosing not to spend more then what we need. 

RE-USE: Find new use for old objects or share them with others. Carry your own re-usable water bottle! Re-use boxes, trays and more.

REPAIR: Repair or upgrade your objects rather then throwing them away. Do it yourself items are 'the fashion way of modern life style.

RE-GIFT: The best gifts are the ones made with the love of our attention. Sharing something personal, being part of the gift economy.


Everything given the love of our attention will grow. It lies in our hands now to start changing the future of our children and heal the earth. There is much more that we can do. It helps to buy local products to reduce the investment in transports, to use solar power energy and grow your own food. Together we can make great improvements and this unity will result in higher levels of satisfaction, health, care and self-sustainability.

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