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a field of being


A Field of Being 

Purer than space 

The purity of what is

More subtle than space

Clarifying what Is 

Of what Is already so 

Empty ness 





Everything is facilitating here 

To discover its natural harmony 

Nothing to do with time 

Only a field of Being 

Pure awareness 

No stories 

No projections 

No past 

No comparisons

Just home base



There is an ocean to discover, when the waves are rough and high.. To deal with our struggles and in order not to die.. Making choices of surviving, unblinded from the lie. 


In a battle over power, we must dive more deep to see. An impulse from our brain can be the sign to stop and breathe.. To question "what would love do"  if love could choose for me? 


Beyond our response to fight, flight or freeze. There is an ocean to discover, to where the waves arrive the sea. To the place where we can breathe more calm and peacefully. 


And there feeling the current will carry to the shore. With this life on the highway noticing that nature... is teaching so much more. 


We are stardust and connected to our planet earth. Embracing each new moment will allow us to live fully, from this moment to rebirth. 


May this new year be full of love to reach for tranquility. Discovering an ocean in our own humanity. Waking up and knowing we live in sanity. With a choice made out of love we will choose to rise above. 


no emotion is a mistake

Awakening is not about deleting or transcending human emotions, for how would the ocean transcend a single wave, and how would the sun transcend one of its beloved sunbeams? It's about seeing that every emotion - from joy to despair, bliss to boredom, agony to ecstasy - is only a movement of life energy, actually a movement of yourself, a wave in your vastness. No emotion is a threat, an enemy, or a punishment. 
Every emotion is an invitation to remember your vastness, rest in your oceanic nature. 
You are on a pathless path of radical inclusion, friend, and there are no mistakes here.

- Jeff Foster

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