SILENT retreat | Mindfulness 


Going to retreat gives us the possibility to connect with what is essential in our lives, to experience it in a more direct way, free of conditioning and more receptive and aware of ourselves and our relationships.Throughout the retreat, we will explore the four foundations of mindfulness (Satipatthana) and the 4 Immeasurables (Brahma Viharas), with delicious vegan meals, reflecting our quest for greater simplicity and openness. 

This retreat will meet a protocol of security and hygiene measures,
according to the

Portuguese Government regarding the covid-19 situation.

Herdade do Barrocal de Baixo, Montemor O Novo.

It’s a beautiful retreat center, one hour driving from Lisbon, Portugal.

Surrounded by nature, comfortable single bedrooms and delicious vegan food.


Arriving: 18th of November | Leaving: 22nd of November 2020

We ask you to commit to arrive in time and only leave when the retreat ends.


• Silent retreat, Mindfulness, in Portuguese



• Bring indoor and outdoor shoes.

• If you have, bring your own meditation cushion. If not, let us know in time. 
• We suggest some previous experience on mindfulness or Buddhist meditation.
• If you need a lift please let us know in advance, so we can try to find you one.


Please reserve your place online.

After your application is  processed,

we will send you an email indicating the availability for the retreat.

Click here for full information at Budadharma website