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Enjoy our ecological farm house, ideal for everyone who wants something special. Having a small and comfortable house which is available to rent. We use only ecological shower and cleaning products.. And we enjoy the benefits of solar powered day-energy during the day.

A practical guesthouse with relaxing places, kitchen table and a shower. Inside all the basic needs are provided, for example; towels, sheets, kitchen and cleaning products/materials. This house is light because of the roof window and lights inside. And it feels cool because it has isolation and walls to protect us from the heat. The building has original local color details of the rural area. There is personal privacy by the way it is furnished. 

We share a main gate. The terrace in front of the house offers a place to sit outside. The land around the house is in development to become vegetable garden with fruit trees and herbs. The big land provides a view on the river and city lights. Our fig tree in the garden gives fresh figs in September. You are invited to try them if you would like to. We usually interact by phone and welcome your arrival by opening the gate.

We separate our garbage (plastic, glass, paper and compost) Everyone here uses ecological shower products. *Use ours for a fee and leave the bottle in the house. Or bring your own products. Brands like Faith in nature, Dr. Bronner's, Urtekram, Lush and Dr. Organic are all biodegradable. We have a dog named Mooji. He also has a shelter outside and he loves to play. Our cats will also be around.

Feel free to reserve. We can send special offers for 2 guests (or 3) who stay 7 day or more at littleboomland!




3 guests
2+1 beds

1 bedroom

1 livingspace
1 bathroom
1 kitchen


• Sheets bed(s)

• *Shampoo bio 

• Shower towels

• Kitchen towels

• Refrigerator


• Wifi internet 

• Heater available

• Ventilator available

• Free parking on the street

• Click on a photo for the description >>>

Laundry recommended at Miss Bubbles

In Monte da Caparica (

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